Skin pigmentation

Agera® Rx Medical Formula treatments have been clinically proven to safely and effectively correct and prevent unwanted pigmentation.


Advanced Solutions for Pigmentation
After years of scientific research AGERA® Rx has formulated pigmentation control treatments to effectively reduce the activity of melanocytes, the cells in the skin that produce pigment. Natural active ingredients such as kojic acid, arbutin and methyl gentisate help reduce unwanted pigmentation in even the most sensitive skin.


Preventing Free Radical Damage
Free radicals are damaging agents that disrupt the normal function of skin cells. They are caused by sun exposure, pollution and other environmental factors. AGERA® Rx formulations contain powerful antioxidants that have been proven to combat free radical damage. Regular use helps prevent pigmentation formation and correct damage to collagen and elastin caused by sun exposure.


Pigmentation significantly reduced by a series of Agera RX peels and skin care products

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